Welcome to The Body Balance.  We have a variety of natural products to support your health.

We are passionate about natural remedies and for healing disease naturally.  Our products are based on naturopathic principles. We use GRANDER restructured water, raw milk, plant based vitamins and as much local, home-grown, organic vegetables as possible.

Skin Conditioner

”Most of my dry sunspots have gone & the repair of my skin is phenomenal “



“We have been using REJUVELAC regularly for many years now. It restores the natural enzymes & as fermented foods are known for their healing & nurturing properties, it will continue to be our number one solution for all stomach issues as well as for Dad’s irritable bowel syndrome”


Kombucha Vinegar Concentrate PawPaw Leaf

“I have suffered with abdominal discomfort for years..have been on & off proton pump inhibitors without consistent benefit. I gave KOMBUCHA VINEGAR CONCENTRATE PAWPAW LEAF a try…using it daily for only 1 week & I already started to feel some changes. My discomfort was gone & I felt less bloated than I had for years. After using it for just over a month… without doing much else, my energy level have soared. It also tastes great & I even use it over salads”



“I am a fan of The Body Balance BEETKRAUT. I use it on salads & as a side dish. It’s tasty & great for GUT Health. I have a tot of kefir yoghurt a day to make sure my stomach works efficiently. A great source of natural probiotics”


Pine Turpentine & Honey

I use the PINE TURPENTINE & HONEY whenever my body is feeling down. It’s a great cleanse & always gets rid of any signs of flu or parasites…even gets rid of a persistent cough. In just one course of CLEANSING POWDERS, I noticed a huge improvement with brain fog & mental clarity”


Pine Turpentine Oil & Honey

PINE TURPENTINE OIL & HONEY helped with cramps & my sensitive stomach “

Teagan Sarah

Kombucha Vinegar Concentrate Weight Loss

“I have been using KOMBUCHA VINEGAR CONCENTRATE WEIGHT LOSS for about a month now & can really recommend it. Although I have not lost too much weight, I can feel I have lost in centimetres & am just feeling less bloated & have more energy.”


Rejuvelac & Kombucha Vinegar Concentrate Weight Loss

I started using the REJUVELAC & KOMBUCHA VINEGAR CONCENTRATE WEIGHT LOSS for my stomach. I was feeling very bloated all the time. I have reflux & an ulcer too. Since using The Body Balance products, I am less bloated & my reflux is so much better.”