The Body Balance South Africa was established in the 1990’s by Robin Werner who is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine with various International Certificates (recognized by WHO). His hobby of making health products like kombucha, made him the pioneer of providing kombucha to private people and health concerns in Cape Town. Having acquired different SCOBY ‘s from all over the world and keeping them healthy. Using only natural flavours from herbs and fruit, his kombucha certainly ranks as the best tasting in SA.

All the other products are based on naturopathic principles using sulphurs and minerals, plant based supplements and well researched case studies that he has acquired over the years.

Julie-Ann Hamar, having chosen a home birth in 1998, started her investigation in the natural world.  She and Robin met at the local organic farm where she worked, and he introduced her to his kombucha which at that time, was unknown in the area.

Julie-Ann and Robin started selling this kombucha at local markets eventually settling into the weekly Saturday morning Shongweni farmers market from 2014 to 2020. They now attend their local Karkloof Farmers Market in Howick,Kwa Zulu Natal and offer their produce at REKO Hilton and REKO Howick.

With GUT health and detoxification becoming more popular, the opportunity to expand the products came.

Julie-Ann now embraces the vegetable side of the business. A self taught fermenter, she works from their specially built, temperature/air controlled kitchen. Howick and surrounds are filled with an abundance of organic growers . Julie-Ann sources raw milk and vegetables for her ferments from the growers in her neighbourhood.